5 Best Bikes For Wheelies: Expert Recommendations

5 Best Bikes for Wheelies: Expert Recommendations

Best Bikes For Wheelies

Don’t worry if you’ve hopped on your bike with all good wheelie intentions, only to find yourself struggling. Bicycle acrobatics aren’t always a walk (or ride) in the park – trust me, I share your frustrations as a fellow cycling enthusiast. There’s one detail that might just be the game changer for you: choosing the right type of bicycle.

That’s why we’re going to delve into five outstanding bicycles designed specifically for pulling off those eye-catching wheelies we all envy so much. Ready to unlock the secret and give those stunts another go? Stick around – together, we’ve got this.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Best Bike for Wheelies

When buying a bike for wheelies, it’s important to consider factors such as the bike frame and material, tires, quality of components, rear brakes, and bike type.

Bike Frame and Material

Bike frames can affect your wheelies. They make the bike light or heavy. Light bikes are suitable for stunts like wheelies. Carbon fiber and aluminum frames make the bike light. So, these bikes are easy to lift off the ground for a stunt.

BMX bikes often have these types of frames. This is why many people say they are best for wheelies. It’s essential to pick a frame that won’t break when doing tricks.

Bike Tires

Tires are key for wheelies. You need big tires with a good grip. They let you control your bike better when doing tricks. BMX bikes have the best kind of tires for this. Road bikes don’t work as well because their tires are thin and slip more.

Large tires help keep balance too. Balance is very important when up on one wheel. The Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike has heavy back wheels that add more balance. This design helps kids learn to do great wheelies safely.

Quality of Components

Good parts make a great bike. They help it last long and work well. I suggest you find bikes with top parts like carbon fiber or aluminum frames. These are light but tough as nails. Durable disc brakes are also key for wheelies – they give strong stopping power when needed.

Tires need to have a good grip and be large enough for better balance and hold on the ground. Look out too for bikes that come with suspension systems, they offer smoother rides plus ease in doing wheelies.

Rear Brakes

Rear brakes play a big part in wheelies. They give you more control over your bike. A good rear brake can help stop the bike if it tips too far back. BMX bikes and some mountain bikes have strong rear brakes just for this.

You use your feet to work these brakes while doing a wheelie on a bike.

Bike Type

I love bikes, and when it comes to doing wheelies, finding the right wheelie bike type is essential. BMX bikes are highly recommended for performing stunts and wheelies because they have strong and lightweight frames that make them easy to control.

These bikes also have responsive handlebars and wide tires with a lot of grip, which helps keep you stable while lifting the front wheel off the ground. On the other hand, road bikes are not ideal for wheelies as they are designed for speed on smooth surfaces and usually have narrower tires.

So, if you want to master the art of wheelies, go for a BMX bike or consider getting a mountain bike with front suspension and durable alloy rims if you’re an advanced rider looking for more challenging terrain.

5 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2023

I have researched and found the top 5 bikes for performing wheelies in 2023. These bikes are designed to make it easier to perform this trick.

  1. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike: This bike is made with a durable frame and has grippy tires that provide good traction. It also features reliable rear brakes, making it perfect for doing wheelies.
  2. Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bicycle: With its lightweight aluminum frame and large tires, this bike offers great balance and control for wheelies. It also has high-quality components that ensure a smooth ride.
  3. Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bicycle: This bike is designed specifically for off-roading adventures, making it ideal for wheelies on rough terrain. Its suspension forks provide excellent shock absorption.
  4. SAVADECK Mountain Bike: This bike features a carbon fiber frame, which makes it lightweight and strong. Its hydraulic disc brakes offer precise stopping power, ensuring safety while doing wheelies.
  5. Redline MX BMX Race Bike: As a freestyle sidewalk BMX bike, this bike is built for stunts like wheelies. It has a sturdy steel frame and pull brakes that allow riders to have full control over their tricks.

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is a top contender for wheelie enthusiasts. This bike comes with a durable frame, high-quality components, and reliable rear brakes.

Features & Description (Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike)

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is a lightweight and comfortable bike designed for riders who love performing wheelies and other stunts. With its suspension system and 18-speed gear shift, it makes doing wheelies easier than ever before.

The bike is built with superb quality, ensuring durability and a smooth riding experience. It’s suitable for both youth and adult riders, offering versatility for different skill levels.

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a bike that combines performance, comfort, and the ability to do wheelies with ease.

Pros & Cons (Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike)

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is a fantastic choice for wheelie enthusiasts, but like any bike, it has its pros and cons. Let’s break them down:



An affordable option for performing wheelies

Pull brakes on both front and rear wheels may not be preferred by some

Lightweight and comfortable riding experience


18-speed gear shift and suspension system


Easy to perform wheelies with suspension system and gear shift


The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike hits the sweet spot of affordability and performance. It’s lightweight for a smooth ride, and the 18-speed gear shift and suspension system make it easy to pull off wheelies. However, the pull brakes on both front and rear wheels might not be to everybody’s liking. Despite that, the pros outweigh the cons for this bike.

Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bicycle

The Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bicycle is another top choice for performing wheelies. Its lightweight aluminum frame allows for easy maneuverability, and the large 29-inch wheels provide stability while popping those wheelies.

The bike’s durable components and quality construction make it a reliable option for any bike enthusiast looking to master their wheelie skills.

Features & Description (Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bicycle)

The Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike is a popular choice for bike enthusiasts who love to do wheelies. This bike features a lightweight carbon fiber frame, which makes it easier to lift the front wheel off the ground and maintain balance during wheelies.

It also comes with durable disc brakes that provide excellent stopping power, giving you better control while performing tricks. The larger tires on this bike offer increased traction and stability, allowing you to conquer different terrains with ease.

With its suspension system, the Diamondback Overdrive ensures a smooth ride even when you’re doing stunts like wheelies. While not specifically mentioned as one of the top five bikes for wheelies, this mountain bike is still a solid option for riders looking to perform impressive tricks on their rides.

Pros & Cons (Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bicycle)

The Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bicycle is one of the best bicycles for wheelies. Here I present the list of pros and cons to give you a better idea about this bicycle.



It has a carbon fiber frame which is lightweight and perfect for wheelies.

Despite the carbon fiber frame, the bike may still be heavy for some bikers.

The bike’s design allows for easier balance and control during a wheelie.

The bike’s price could be a barrier for some bikers due to its premium features.

The larger and grippier tires provide better traction, which is crucial while performing a wheelie.

The tires may need to be upgraded or replaced more frequently, depending on the terrain and usage.

The Diamondback Overdrive comes with durable disc brakes that give you control during a wheelie.

Some might find the brake system a bit too sensitive for their liking.

Despite being a mountain bike, it performs well on various terrains, making it versatile for wheelies.

Given its focus on mountain biking, it might not be as comfortable for urban biking or long-distance rides.

The Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bicycle has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. However, given its lightweight frame, larger tires, and durable brakes, it’s a good choice for those looking to enjoy monos.

Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bicycle

The Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bicycle is another great option for doing wheelies.

Features & Description (Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bicycle)

The Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bicycle is one of the best bikes for wheelstands. This bike comes with a lightweight frame, making it easy to lift and control while doing tricks.

It has large tires that provide excellent traction, allowing you to maintain balance during wheelies. The Mongoose Switchback also features quality components like rear disc brakes, which ensure quick and reliable stopping power.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, this lightweight bike is designed to help you perform the best stunts possible. Overall, the Mongoose Switchback offers durability, maneuverability, and performance – everything you need for an exciting wheelie experience on your bike.

Pros & Cons (Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bicycle)

Let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of the Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bicycle.



It’s made of lightweight aluminum which makes it easy to handle during wheelies.

Aluminum frames might not be as durable as steel frames over time.

The bike comes equipped with an 18-speed gear shift which provides a range of speed options suitable for different terrains.

The 18-speed gear shift might be complex for beginners to handle properly.

It features pull-brakes on both the front and rear wheels which ensure superior stopping power.

The pull brakes might require frequent adjustments for optimal performance.

Mongoose Switchback’s suspension system gives an added advantage for performing stunts like monos by absorbing shocks.

Suspension systems require maintenance and can potentially add to the bike’s weight.

It’s important to weigh these pros and cons before making your decision to ensure the Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bicycle suits your wheelie needs.

SAVADECK Mountain Bike

The SAVADECK Mountain Bike is an exceptional choice for riders looking to perform wheelies with ease. Its lightweight construction and high-tensile strength steel frame make it easy to control and maneuver, while the 24-speed gear shift allows for seamless transitions during tricks.

Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, this bike provides excellent stopping power, ensuring safety while performing stunts. With its durable build and top-notch components, the SAVADECK Mountain Bike is a must-have for any bike enthusiast looking to take their wheelie game to new heights.

Features & Description (SAVADECK Mountain Bike)

The SAVADECK Mountain Bike is an excellent choice for bike enthusiasts who love performing wheelstands. This bike features a lightweight carbon fiber body, making it easy to control and maneuver.

The carbon fiber frame adds to its durability and strength, allowing riders to perform wheelstands or monos without worrying about the bike’s stability. Equipped with reliable Shimano components, this bike ensures smooth gear shifting and efficient power transfer while performing stunts.

The SAVADECK Mountain Bike has durable disc brakes that provide reliable stopping power during wheelies. Its grippy and large tires further enhance traction on various surfaces, giving riders the confidence they need for perfect wheelie performance.

Pros & Cons (SAVADECK Mountain Bike)

SAVADECK Mountain Bike has an array of features that make it one of the best bikes for performing wheelies. Here, I’ve broken down its pros and cons to give you a better understanding.



It has a lightweight carbon fiber body, making it easy to pop wheelies.

Some people may not prefer the pull brakes on both the front and rear wheels.

The reliable Shimano components ensure durability and quality.

Like any product, it has a cost; the high-quality materials and components may make it pricier than other bikes.

Its 18-speed gear shift and suspension system provide a comfortable ride experience, which is beneficial when performing stunts such as wheelies.

While the bike is versatile, it may not be suitable for all terrains or riding styles.

The bike features large, grippy tires, which are recommended for performing wheelies as they provide stability and control.

Some might find the design or color options not appealing to their taste.

Redline MX BMX Bike

The Redline MX BMX Bike is one of the best bikes for wheelies with its lightweight design and durable construction.

Features & Description (Redline MX BMX Bike)

The Redline MX BMX Bike is a fantastic choice for bike enthusiasts who love to perform wheelies. This bike is specifically designed for racing and stunts, making it perfect for those who want to show off their skills.

With its smaller size, lightweight alloy frame, and grippy tires, the Redline MX offers easy maneuverability and excellent traction during wheelies. This bike also comes equipped with rear brakes, giving riders better control and stopping power while performing tricks.

The durability of this bike allows it to handle intense riding and stunts without any issues. The Redline MX provides a comfortable riding experience that will keep you going for hours on end.

Pros & Cons (Redline MX BMX Race Bike)

Let’s delve into the pros and cons of the Redline MX BMX Bike, a popular choice among riders aiming to perform wheelies.



The bike boasts a lightweight alloy frame, making it easier to perform wheelies.

The bike features V-brakes, which might not be the preference for some riders aiming to perform wheelies.

Redline MX BMX Race Bike comes equipped with large and grippy tires, which are ideal for wheelies and provide great traction.

The bike lacks a suspension, which could impact the comfort and performance while doing wheelies.

Being a BMX-type bike, it’s inherently one of the best bike types for performing wheelies.

Despite its features, it’s not listed as one of the top picks for performing wheelies.

Riding a bike like the Redline MX BMX Race Bike could enhance your wheelie performing experience, however, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Safety Precautions While Performing Wheelies

Performing wheelies is a lot of fun, but it’s also important to prioritize safety. Here are some precautions you should take while doing wheelies:

1. Wear the right gear: Always wear a helmet to protect your head in case of falls or accidents. Knee pads and elbow guards can also provide extra protection.

2. Choose a safe location: Find an open area away from traffic and pedestrians where you can practice without any obstacles. This reduces the risk of colliding with someone or something.

3. Start small: If you’re new to wheelies, start by lifting the front wheel slightly off the ground and gradually increase the height as you gain confidence and control.

4. Practice on smooth surfaces: Make sure the surface is smooth and free from cracks or bumps that could cause your bike to jerk suddenly.

5. Be aware of your surroundings: Keep an eye out for vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians nearby before attempting a wheelie. It’s crucial to avoid any collisions.

6. Maintain proper balance: Shift your weight towards the rear of the bike while performing a wheelie to maintain balance and control over your bike.

Remember, safety should always be your top priority when performing stunts like wheelstands. By following these precautions, you can enjoy this exciting trick while minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone perform a wheelie on any bike? What makes certain bikes easier to do wheelies on? Is doing wheelies dangerous? Find the answers to these questions and more in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about performing epic wheelies on your bicycle.

Can you wheelie on any bicycle?

Performing a wheelie on any bicycle is possible, but it may be easier and safer to do with certain types of bikes. Special bikes designed for wheelies have features like lightweight frames, grippy tires, and good rear brakes that make it easier to balance and control the bike while lifting the front wheel off the ground.

These bikes are built specifically for stunts, wheelies, and wheelstands, so they provide better stability and maneuverability compared to regular bikes. However, if you’re skilled enough, you can still perform a wheelie on almost any bike by mastering your balance and technique.

What makes bikes easier to wheelie?

Bikes that are designed specifically for wheelies make it easier to perform this trick. These bikes often have carbon fiber or aluminum frames, which make them lightweight and easy to control.

They also come equipped with durable disc brakes, which help you maintain balance and control while doing a wheelie. Additionally, bikes with tires that have a good grip on the surface and a larger surface area provide better stability during wheelies.

And if the bike has suspension, it makes performing wheelies even easier because it helps absorb shocks and bumps, making your ride smoother and safer.

Is it dangerous to do wheelies?

Performing wheelies can be dangerous, as there is a risk of tripping and falling over. However, you can minimize the risk by taking proper precautions. It’s important to wear safety equipment like helmets and knee guards while doing wheelies.

These protective gears can help reduce the impact of falls and protect your head and joints from injuries. So, while there may be some risks involved, taking necessary safety measures can make wheelies a fun and thrilling activity without putting yourself in too much danger.


So here we are. Before making your ultimate choice, take into account the specific features you need and of course their costs.

If you need my recommendation, consider options like the Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike and the Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike.

These bikes offer great build quality, and comfortable riding experiences, and are perfect for performing stunts like wheelies. Remember to prioritize factors such as frame material, tire size, and rear brakes when choosing the right bike for your wheelie adventures.

Happy riding.